There are many ways to leverage technology cost effectively so that it enhances the attendee experience and get lots of data so our team can make the best decisions going through discovery phases, strategic thinking process and final recommendations. We work with solutions that will deliver positive and exciting results for your attendees.

miami digital production for events

We use UX user-experience to gain knowledge on how to effectively and strategically point your team along with our team of experts, for powerful aspects of the live event. It might be a mobile app or project technology or something else but the solutions give you valuable insight for your vision, budget and objectives to bring you to your best decisions for your event.


Online Registration

Everyone is on mobile today, so we give your attendees a quick and easy registration process online and over the phone. Printing on demand badges and self-service check-in eliminates lines at your event. Using customer engagement specialists, there is always someone that provide customer assistance.

Mobile Apps

Attendees with an easy way to do a variety of things such as build their agendas and provide feedback. Purchasing tickets online for your event will be seamless and monetize the event with revenue streams like in-app partner advertising and sponsorships or e‑commerce.

Live Streaming

Live streaming your event, keynotes speakers or entertainers can be a plus for identifying business opportunities before, during and after the event. Recorded webcasts and on-demand content libraries extend education beyond the live event.

Social Media

Our team develops a digital strategy customized for the goals of your event. Then, promote it across social media channels to increase the visibility of your organization and monitor interactions to engage with your audience and keynote speakers.

Why Use Us?

  • Peace of mind knowing that everything, and we mean everything, is being handled by people in the industry for nearly 30 years
  • One, single point of contact who can answer any question
  • Stress Free knowledge that we have explored all options to maximize the success of your event or production.
  • Preferred consideration will have bargaining power due because of our reputation and relationships with hotels and venues
  • We save you money and time because of our experience
  • Peace of mind knowing our hotel contracts are reviewed twice a year by lawyers with hospitality expertise
  • Creative marketing team experienced in developing and executing multi-channel campaigns proven to drive attendance, maximize engagement and inspire attendees to think, feel and act positively
  • Over 5000 events done!

Do you need production or entertainment for your next event?

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"Lina is amazing to work with, really makes the job easier. She has come through on multiple occasions to make my organization and myself look like super stars. The value of her experience and creativity in our industry is priceless and will always be my first call."

Mark Gregory - Production Director - TEAM Enterprises