Types of Events By LYT Productions

Fundraising Events

Sponsored Sporting Events
Gala Dinners

Pop-up Events

Boutique Shops
Food Collaborations
Exercise Classes

Corporate Events

Trade Shows

Community Events

Street Parties
Swap Shops

Social Events

Themed Parties


Music Festivals
Food Festivals

We have the tools to bring your event to life!

Your event will be astounding and talked about for years to come!



We take a creative approach to design the most amazing live event. This aligns with your goal and objective and makes it an unforgettable experience for your audience.



There are many details that go into running a successful event. Our team makes sure that everything is moving in sync so that you can concentrate on other things.



We know the best Southern Florida Venues to get people excited about your event. Its easy for us to work with what fits your needs and your budget.



We have access to the best entertainers in the business! We have lots of options to make sure your event is exciting and perfect!



We help with permitting, venue scouting, power requirements, event flow, seating and space requirements, etc. This saves you time and money working with city officials and venue officials.



Our strategic and creative teams have reached millions of followers and gives your special event a seamless experience.

The Concept For Your Event

Concept developing for your South Florida event starts with your imagination and what you want it to look like from start to finish. From attendees, exhibitors, who’s speaking or entertaining, to every last detail, we guarantee we will accomplish your ultimate vision of your event! We will advance your story working through strategy, design, copy and production and each marketing solution. Using reporting and analytic systems, the LYT team will be sure that we are on track to getting you ROI results.

Production for Your Event

LYT Productions will give you a clear foundation to build upon with measurable, attainable, time objectives. We collaborate with you to understand your goals and find solutions that will meet your creative and technical needs.

Marketing Your Event

Our team is personal and your South Florida event is our event! We look at your business historically and then check current and future trends. This will give us the inside info that will help you move your event in the direction that you want it to go!

We plan and execute a strategic, multi-media campaign with influencers and creatives as an extension of your company aligning with your story and brand to give the whole experience your companies experience!

Virtual Events

LYT Productions is going to help you stay ahead of the curve for your next South Florida event. Because of the huge impact over public health in these uncertain times, we will help you plan an option to best connect your event to individuals for a fraction of the cost. LYT shows your message, measure behaviors and create a unique virtual path for your attendees to connect, interact and be recognized. We are ready to support your event goals and will make you more connected than ever before.

Why Use LYT Productions?

  • Peace of mind knowing that everything, and we mean everything, is being handled by people in the industry for nearly 30 years
  • One, single point of contact who can answer any question
  • Stress Free knowledge that we have explored all options to maximize the success of your event or production.
  • Preferred consideration will have bargaining power due because of our reputation and relationships with hotels and venues
  • We save you money and time because of our experience
  • Peace of mind knowing our hotel contracts are reviewed twice a year by lawyers with hospitality expertise
  • Creative marketing team experienced in developing and executing multi-channel campaigns proven to drive attendance, maximize engagement and inspire attendees to think, feel and act positively
  • Over 5000 events done!

Do you need production or entertainment for your next event?

We can help. Simply provide the following information and we will call you asap. All information will be treated confidentially.

"Our wedding was amazing because of our entertainment. The wedding was two hours late, I was in tears and figured the dream in my head wouldn't come true. I was sooooo wrong. Our band saved the day. Offered to improvise the first dance and father daughter dance, since we couldn't find the music. They were so professional and accommodating. I danced and stayed until the end. They made my day even more amazing than I could dream it! Thank you."

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